OUR Skin

  • What is skin? A simple flat porous covering of our body to give the protection of our inner organ??
  • No, far more than this. It is the largest organ of our body and first protective barrier from the external atmosphere.
  • Our sense of touch operates through our skin. We feel pain, pressure and any changes in temperature.
  • Skin varies in thickness. It is thinnest around the eyes, eyelids and lips and thickest on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet. That’s why the skin of lip and around the eye is very sensitive and less resistant to any kind of damage. On the other side due to the thickness the skin of palms of the hand and sole can withstand much wear and tear.
  • The skin is made-up of three distinct layers. The top layer is called EPIDERMIS, middle layer is called DERMIS and innermost layer is called HYPODERMIS. DERMA the scientific name of the skin come from the ancient Greek word Derma means skin.
  • The skin contains certain important structures with special functions. SEBACEOUS GLAND secrets natural oil of skin SEBUM which gives a waterproof barrier to the skin. SWEAT GLAND produces sweat. Sweat plays an important part in regulating the temperature of the body.
  • We have seen how important our skin is.. But most of us facing the problem of pre mature aging and different types of skin disorders due to unbalanced diet, hectic lifestyle, stress and increasing rate of pollution in our atmosphere.
  • 1.Avoid the sun ☀
  • 2.Start taking care of the skin from very young age.
  • 3.Follow the golden rules of C.T.M.P ( cleansing, toning ,moisturizing and protection) every day without any fail.
  • 4.Use a daily moisturizer with sunscreen (even when at home) and a night moisturizer as well.
  • 5.Opt for a healthy diet & healthy lifestyle.