Faculty Development Program


Faculty Development Program

VLCC- Beauty and Wellness - Faculty Development Program

About VLCC Beauty and Wellness Faculty Development Program


VLCC FACULTY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM- Teaching is an art, and this certified course provides you with that very technique and skill that’s needed to teach further to the future of the Beauty and Wellness Industry. It gives you the edge in the art of teaching, as you get trained by our Top professionals having complete industry experience, their industry exposure and years of experience in the beauty and wellness industry will equip you with the best teaching techniques on how to mentor, inspire and engage every student who is aspiring to be a beauty and wellness professional. Our experts will train you to be a passionate trainer in face to face and virtual mode of teaching and on completion you will be ready to teach on any platform and take the responsibility of imparting Quality education and what more… you will become a certified Beauty and Wellness Skill Trainer for life.

VLCC FACULTY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM is also extremely helpful if you are looking to improve your Professional skills, open up a Beauty Business chain or educate yourself theoretically in the field of beauty and elevate your skills and knowledge by opting for Trainer Program.

So what are you waiting for if you are a Beauty Professional having the passion for teaching and training OR any Beauty institutes willing to get their trainers certified by VLCC may join register VLCC Beauty and Wellness Skill Faculty Training Program


To introduce the student to the core of subject, which enables them to comprehend theory and practical class conduction in:

  • Class deliverance
  • Assessments Skills
  • Product Development (Workshops)

Student will be able to:

  • Define the theory of the subject.
  • Development of good interpersonal & listening skills
  • Ability to read, write & communicate effectively
  • Meet national & global occupational standards
  • Explain Organizational context
  • Technical knowledge of products, materials, equipment, standard operating procedure, workplace regulation, health & safety.
  • Create an appropriate teaching and learning environment
  • Conduction of proper classroom management, delivering motivational theory, usage of appropriate language, follow proper lesson plan.
  • Knowledge to demonstrate and positive approach to teaching and learning by internal and external requirements (different teaching methods, learning preferences, and different abilities or needs)
  • Impart Knowledge of communication methods and media. (Written, verbal and nonverbal communication, electronic, audio, and social media, specialist support/aids one-to-one, small group teaching, whole group teaching,
  • Impart knowledge of the specialist subject and, lesson planning, Knowledge to communicate with other learning professionals, Knowledge of the range of media (e.g. handout, poster, email, text, presentation, internet, books, magazines, journals), Knowledge of maintenance of accurate and up-to-date learning records.

Beginner Level Courses

Advanced Level Courses