Blow drying you Hair – Remember these important 7 steps

 March 16, 2018

Blow drying is the technique of drying and styling damp hair with the help of blow dryer. It helps to develop soft natural hair styles with free flowing effects. The style shape is only temporary – as the hair gradually absorbs moisture from the atmosphere it returns to its original state. Listed below are the principles of blow drying your hair:- - The hair is always dried from root to point, this smoothes the layer of cuticle, making the hair flatter and increases the ability of the hair to shine - The nozzle of the hair blow dryer should point away from the head, this will avoid any discomfort from burning the scalp or neck - The section or mesh of hair taken should be no deeper than the bristle or teeth section of the brush and no wider than the width of the brush. Matching the amount of hair to be dried with the bristle or teeth ‘footprint’ of the brush will always guarantee that you are not trying to handle too much hair - The flat jet of warm air from the nozzle shoul


Fruit Facials: Benefits over other Facials

 February 03, 2018

There is a clear trend shift in these recent years from the upbeat Gold, Diamond and Pearl facials to the more Organic and natural facials. Such facials are natural cures and are definitely more rejuvenating and giving better results in terms of cleaning the clogged pores of the face. Just to make you remember, the benefits of home remedies like Multani Mitti, Milk, Tomato Juice and other fruits which are rich in Vitamin C and have anti ageing properties. Such Fruit Facials definitely result in the improvement of the skin as they are very well absorbed in the skin and the plus side being no side effects. These facials not only improve your Blood Circulation but also act as Natural Moisturizer leaving you with a soft and supple skin and enhance your Beauty.

Here‘s a quick guide to learn the same. Products: - VLCC Aloe Vera Gel -


Why you should shape your career in the field of Nutrition ?

 January 02, 2018

When it comes to India being considered as a major super power among the global economies, it largely rests on how employable and prosper are the residents of this nation. We being a youth economy where 65% of occupants are in working age group, it is highly significant that we empower this demography and it can only be done with Skill Development. Skill Development in laymen terms refers to enhancing a person’s technical expertise and practical delivery of work to make him employable and productive. Vlcc Institute of Beauty & Nutrition in an effort to contribute to this mission have played a pivotal role in Beauty & Wellness training space.

One particular category, which has shown tremendous growth and demand in last few years is definitely Nutrition. Diploma in Nutrition refers to understanding the role of diet play and nutrition in maintaining health. With increasing demand among varied age groups towards living a healthy and fit lifestyle, the demand for specialist in


Aesthetics Treatments : A billion dollar Industry

 October 16, 2017

Aesthetics is an integral part of Cosmetology and is a blooming industry within the Beauty and Wellness Segment. It is the need of time to learn paramedical skin treatments based on the Medical cosmetology to one and all as a preventive measure for ageing skin and also to have the flawless, glowing skin. In today’s time there is a huge demand of Aestheticians who are skilled with various Aesthetic treatments for Skin and Hair with zero to minimum downtime.

With every day increase in desire to look attractive, young, beautiful and increasing knowledge of beauty clients around the methodologies available like Laser Hair Removal and Facial Aesthetics, there is no turning back for Aesthetics Treatments and the industry as such is poised to grow in double digital figures. There is an increasing demand for quality and standardize


Will to Skill

 March 08, 2017

VLCC Institute of Beauty & Nutrition, a VLCC group Initiative; started its operations in 2001 with the objective of meeting its group manpower requirements. Over last 17 years, it has emerged as the leader in Beauty & Wellness training. VLCC Institute offers latest courses backed with excellent infrastructure and quality faculty. Candidates are trained in Hair, Makeup, Skin, Beauty, Spa, Nails & Nutrition categories.

With a network of more than 70 Institutes in 50+ locations, VLCC Institute has played instrumental role in establishing quality standards in the Beauty & Wellness training space. Students at VLCC Institute get benefitted from the quality of training programmes and the placement support given by the Institute. VLCC Institute has tied-up with almost all the leading employers in Beauty & Wellness Space.

Quality and relevance of training are two key attributes of the VLCC Institute training DNA and quality of academic delivery and maintaining market relevant