International Diploma in MakeUp (IDM)

  • Duration: 310 Hours (5 Months)| (3 Hours/Day and 6 Days/Week)
  • Minimum Qualification: Professional Makeup & Class 12th Appeared
  • Certification: Dual Certification would be given.

    • International Diploma in Makeup
    • CIDESCO Make up (after successful completion of the CIDESCO Examination followed by completion of 100 hrs of Internship)

  • The CIDESCO Edge: CIDESCO is the World Standard for Beauty and Spa Therapy since 1957.

    Membership is open to students looking to achieve a superior level of training at world standard institutes.

  • Course Contents:

    • International and National Make up Knowledge (Global)
    Different types of Make up
    – Water Color
    – Cream Color
    – Powders
    – Mineral Make up
    • Professionalism – Client psychology
    • Operations and Quality Control
    • Theoretical Compulsory Training
    • Practical Compulsory Training
    Make up Techniques
    – Base/Foundation application
    – Cream and Powder relation
    – Contouring
    – Blending
    – Lips
    – Brows
    – Eyes
    – Material (Water Color, Cream and Mineral Make up)
    – Cleaning the Make-up artists’ tools
    – Basic manicure for Make up: file – buff – paint – hand cream
    Working with Make-up artists’ tools (brush, sponge, puff etc.): 2 Hours
    Classification and application of Make-up techniques: 80 Hours
    – Corrective Make up
    – Beauty and Special occasion Make up
    – Black and White Photographic Make up
    – Color Photographic Make up
    – Fashion Editorial Make up
    – Film and Video Make Up
    – Catwalk fashion, Make up trends
    – High Definition Make up
    – Creative/Fantasy Make up
    – Airbrush Make up

  • Career opportunities: After this course, one is a qualified International Makeup Artist and can become a Freelance Makeup Artist for Runways, Brands, Ads or TV Shows. One can also become a Makeup Trainer or a Consultant working with brands.
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