Why VLCC should be your only choice for skill development?

  • VLCC, an exceptional organisation founded by Mrs. Vandana Luthra in the year, 1989. Since then there has been no turning back for the organisation, as it has always successfully served it customers and potential customers.
  • This organisation has earned tremendous credibility and goodwill with its honest & professional way of working. Now, let’s enlighten ourselves with some, out of the million reasons why VLCC is the best option for making a carrier in Beauty & Nutrition:-
  • 1.Thorough knowledge of the subject-: VLCC provides a detailed knowledge of respective subjects to all its students. All programmes include a good practical and theoretical knowledge, thereby, preparing the students well for the industry.
  • 2.No language barrier-: There is absolutely no language barrier when it comes to the teaching process of VLCC, the organisation provides all course books in both Hindi & English, which is highly convenient for people who have a better understanding of Hindi.
  • 3.Empower women-: VLCC has empowered thousands and thousands of women by giving them exceptional skill training and given them a fair chance at having a strong carrier and being independent.
  • 4.Placement opportunities-: VLCC being the responsible organisation it is, does not run away from ensuring the students all the best possible options for placement. VLCC students are everywhere from Geetanjali salon to NESTLE, the VLCC alumni is making it proud everywhere & everyday.
  • 5.Highly valuable certificate-: VLCC certificate/diploma holds a really high value in the market. With stampings of IAO and NSDC, the certificate adds a lot of value to the resume and is also helpful when it comes to going abroad.
  • As it’s said MAKING DECISION IS A CRUCIAL SKILL AT EVERY LEVEL and if you have already decided to make this life changing decision of joining VLCC, then, Congratulations, you have already mastered the art of decision making.