Sheer Makeup Look

Hello Friends, today let’s talk about sheer makeup. What sheer makeup is? Which products are to be used in sheer makeup? I know you must be excited about what sheer makeup is, let’s get in deep about sheer makeup. I am sure you all love no-makeup makeup looks and sheer makeup is all about light weight and no heavy coverage makeup. If you are a makeup lover you must have heard about different types of foundations in the market with different varying coverage and before choosing the foundation you must be aware of its uses and benefits. If you are having an even skin tone, free of skin problems like pigmentations, blemishes, acne marks, dark circles etc, then you must opt for a sheer foundation. Sheer foundations are lightweight and transparent foundations having the least amount of pigments in it. Sheer foundations brighten up your skin complexion. It doesn’t hide any of your skin flaws or scars.
As we have already discussed that sheer foundations are lightweight and no-heavy coverage foundation, it means sheer foundations have not more than 8 percent of pigments in it. Although many of them come with 8-12 per cent pigmentation rate, which can hide your uneven patches or scars on your face. Sheer foundations provide you a naturally looking glowing skin and won’t look cakey at all. They provide a very flawless and naturally glowing skin even after applying a thick coat of sheer foundation without being cakey. Sheer foundations are best for women with normal to dry skin as they are very less pigmented foundations. Sheer foundations come with SPF; hence they can keep your skin protected. Let’s find a difference in Full coverage foundation and sheer coverage foundations. Full coverage foundations are highly pigmented foundation which can cover scars, pimples and dark spots of your face whereas sheer coverage foundations are less pigmented foundations which cannot cover scars, pimples and dark spots of your face. If you are looking for a makeup that last longer period and cover all your dark patches, full coverage foundations are the best. Full coverage foundations are great for uneven skin and require a layer to hide the skin problems.