• Ramp makeup is also known as high fashion makeup. Make up for the ramp is completely a different game from rest of the makeup. While working your mind and vision should always be clear. On the runway each and every model has a different look representing different styles so it must look different, you cannot let their look lose focus from anybody’s vision.
  • Ramp Makeup tends to focus more on fashion and makeup trends. Ramp walk makeup is largely based on the preference of the designer and the idea he or she wants to represent and portrait through the look that has been created. The makeup artist needs to work hard to keep the makeup bold and dramatic, but without taking away the focus from the clothes and other accessories.
  • Being a makeup artist you should makes sure the application is done light and natural, it should not be cakey and highlight the prominent features of the models.
  • On the runway the model should look gorgeous with the latest trend and present the vision of the designer. The ramp makeup is a makeup that can’t be worn outside the runway. On runway apart from makeup, hairstyling is also need to be focused. Hair plays an important role in representing the best look. On runway we create the model as a complete pack of elements to tell a story on the ramp hence, during makeup every part of the body needs to be done in a distinct fashion.
  • Runway can be of anything either a dress designer runway or a jewellery designer runway, all you need to focus is how to present the model with best look to highlight the brand. For the ramp makeup, apart from designer, the artist also needs to focus on the features of the model, to have the best outcome. The makeup depends on many things some of them are, for which brand the makeup is to be done, what theme the makeup should represent, runway is indoor or outdoor, depending on the time of the day. The day time look would be more towards the natural look, soft and pastel based. The night look would be focused on gloss, shine and bright colors.
  • Ramp makeup is all about a vision or an idea. The makeup artist has to incarnate the story the designer needs to tell to the world. The makeup artist should always keep in mind that the makeup should look stunning but should not attain all attention that the product she is modeling doesn’t fade out.