Power OF Pastels

  • Pastels apparently are the new cool; the makeup industry is going gaga over it too. Pastels are the new found trend in the industry that every makeup artist wants to experiment with. It’s not too difficult to understand why these colours have become everyone’s favourite, pastels give a beautiful cool tone to the makeup look that makes it stand out.
  • Be it fashion industry, makeup industry, cosmetic industry or photo shoots, pastels have made a mark everywhere. Some major expensive brands like Kylie cosmetics, Benefit, Huda beauty, etc. have also launched many of their makeup and skin care products in pastels. The brands have also realised that the target customers have gotten bored of the same glitz and glamour and appreciate chic and simple colours.
  • Let’s see how you can carry out a perfect makeup look with only using pastels, taking a break from glitters:

  • You do not want to miss out on the opportunity of doing eye makeup with pastel shadows, which is the new big thing in the industry. Pastel shadows can be used for both simple as well as glamorous looks and will never let you down in carrying out a fascinating makeup look.

  • Nothing works better than a pastel lip colour and blush with a heavy eye makeup or while creating a chic nude look. There is a different suave altogether in the look with a beautiful nude pastel lipstick and pink/peach pastel blush.

  • Makeup is not just about glamming up the face but a combination of everything, from hairstyle to dress to nails. Pastel nails add a different dimension to a look, especially in case of photo shoots, it comes out beautifully well.

  • There is no background like a pastel background to translate your makeup look as beautifully on reel as it is in real. Pastel backgrounds give a solid panache to the overall look, thereby, making it extremely appealing to the eyes.