• The Ombre lips are the latest trend to our makeup industry. Ombre is a French word meaning fade and Ombré lips are blending of two or more lipstick colours or shades blended so that they fade into one another.
  • Ombre Lips look absolutely beautiful and outstanding and provide a very bold look to our lips. You can wear this trend at any occasion. Ombre lips are created by contrasting two colors, using a darker shade of lip liner blended inwards to a lighter shade of lipstick inside. It is easy to create ombre lips but choosing the right shades and right blend is must.
  • There are various ways to create ombre lips and let’s learn some of the techniques and steps to achieve the ombre pouts.

  • STEP 1:Create a blank canvas by applying the concealer or foundation on your lips to work with it. Don’t forget to moisturize your lips before you apply concealer or foundation on your lips to avoid cracks and bleeding.
  • STEP 2: Get any darker lip liner of your choice to outline your lip edges. You can also create bigger lips using your lip liner to have an illusion of fuller and bigger lips.
  • STEP 3: Now, apply lipstick of your choice to the inner corner of your pout.
  • STEP 4:Now blend, blend and blend! Blend inwards with the help of lipstick brush until your lip liner and lipstick are blended well creating an ombre look.
  • STEP 5:Now use a concealer/foundation to give clean and sharp edges to your lips. Now you are done with your beautiful ombre pouts.
  • Hope, it will help you to create your pouts to be sexier and bolder!!