Makeup Storage Tips

  • Have you too desired to have a makeup vanity just like those of the beauty gurus and the influencers that you see online? Well, me too! The beauty influencers are blessed enough to get their hands-on loads of products, but it does get difficult keep them organised. Your products play an important part in starting your day and there’s nothing better than a tidy makeup counter to get your day off to a good start.
  • Sort Them Out

  • Categorise your cosmetics. Segregate your everyday use products from the once that are used for special occasion. This way you can determine whether you want to keep the product somewhere accessible or in a drawer.
  • Choose Your Organisers

  • Make use of the vertical spaces on your counter. You may buy clear acrylics shelves; it looks super minimal and you can easily see what you’re looking for. It is both spacious and compact and saves your vanity shelf from looking messy.
  • A Makeup Chest

  • Using a chest of drawers to store your makeup is one of the best organising methods. You can categorise them as per the different categories of makeup products and use a cutlery organiser trays to separate your lipliners and eye pencils.
  • Mason Jars and Glass Cases

  • It’s best to store your makeup brushes vertically so that they don’t stain one another and are always easily accessible. For this, you can usea mason jarand fill it with decorative pebbles or coffee beans for a more aesthetic look. And when travelling, take an old sunglasses case and carefully pack your brushes in it.
  • Wine Bottle Racks for Sprays

  • Using wine bottle racks to store your setting sprays or your hair products will save up a lot of space and will also be a voguish addiction to your bathroom.