Since years makeup has been considered a feminine practice, especially when it comes to ‘colour cosmetics’. But like everything else this too has changed and makeup is no more constricted to one particular gender. The evolution was surely initiated by Transgenders and Drag Queens, who fearlessly used to put on makeup and looked smashing. RuPaul Andre Charles, America’s most famous drag queen, completely changed the game with his reality competition series, RuPaul’s Drag Race, and has since inspired many men to fearlessly practice makeup as a profession.

To prove the point here are some really successfulartists who took up makeup simply because they loved it and smashed every single gender stereotype to pieces:JAMES CHARLES
A 20 year old American youtuber/makeup artist with over 16 billion subscribers, James Charles has left no stone unturned in proving the point that makeup is not about gender but only about Art and Creativity.MANUEL GUTIERREZ
Professionally known as Manny MUA, Manny is a makeup artist, You Tuber and beauty blogger. Manny is the first male brand ambassador of Maybelline and has again inspired and empowered many with his work.NIKITA DRAGON
An accomplished Transgender woman, who broke all the rules and made her own and boy she ruled the industry and how!! Nikita is an extremely well doing YouTuber, makeup artist & model and is loved by all for her work, fearlessness and creativity.
So, all you boys out there thinking of becoming an MUA, Don’t think Just do it and lead by example of these people who were scared too but did it anyway and BROKE THE RULES.