Lighting is Everything

  • Every makeup artist aims at carrying out a ravishing make up look that not only satisfies the client but also translates beautifully in photos, which can be used for creating a perfect portfolio.
  • But what happens when you have given your all in creating a beautiful makeup look but the photos have not done any justice to your work? Here comes the role of understanding lighting and its importance.
  • In times like these where competition is at peak in every field and industry, it is not enough for an MUA to only know about makeup, as a makeup artist the more you know about lighting and photography, the better it is for the growth of your business.
  • Having a solid idea of lighting will help you understand how a certain kind makeup will translate into photos; you will then work accordingly and give your best.
  • Let’s enlighten ourselves with knowledge on some basic types of light:

  • This type of light is generally referred to the natural light (sunlight) or the light already fixed in the room. Ambient light is the one which is not added by the photographer but is there already, it can either be natural or man-made. This light will not only show your makeup look exactly how you want but give a beautiful touch of simplicity too.

  • It focuses light on a particular area or object to create visual interest. In makeup, accent lighting is generally used to focus on a particular feature for e.g. eye makeup. Accent lighting brings a lot of drama and creativity to the photos.

  • It is a soft light; it doesn’t have a lot of intensity and glare. Diffused lighting is scattered and comes from all directions and does not create harsh shadows. It works best for capturing a no makeup look, be it on a bride or for any other occasion.