• A make-up room is an arena of creativity and experiment and none of it is possible without a perfect infrastructure. A good infrastructural facility not only allows the artists to create excellent make-up looks but also leaves a good impact on the customer. Following are the requirements that add up to making an ideal make-up room:
  • White coloured walls: A make-up room should have light coloured walls, preferably white. It is because white walls produce the most illuminated space, with light bouncing around the room surface. This not only creates a perfectly lit room but also creates a really positive and productive ambience.
  • Simplicity:Simplicity must be kept in mind while designing a make-up room/studio. Make sure to avoid dark coloured walls and too many accessories to decorate the room with. The make-up rooms in VLCC institutes are really simple with minimal décor; this not only enhances the overall look of the room but makes it look really professional too.
  • Lighting: Lighting is a factor that can make or break the look of your make-up studio and you surely do not want to get it wrong. Your make-up room/studio should have a mixture of both white & yellow lights, using only yellow lights would not only make the room hot but also might make you put on too much make-up. The same rule is followed in all VLCC institutes too, as there is a combination of both white and yellow lights.
  • Air conditioning: It is essential for every make-up studio to be installed with proper air conditioning. Air conditioning is important for carrying out a flawless make-up look, especially, in the case of airbrush make-up.
  • Clean make-up trolley: Compromising on hygiene can cost you big time; it might hinder your reputation, thereby, leading to a downfall in business. The make-up trolley must be properly cleaned and sanitised, at least once a week and should be without any expired or broken products. The brushes and sponges must be cleaned after every make-up to ensure proper hygiene.
  • Posters: Decorating your make-up space with creative posters is an important infrastructural requirement to glam it up, and make it look attractive. You can also use the concept followed in VLCC institutes of using sandwich boards and place your posters in them, to protect them from damage and make them look chic at the same time.
  • Wall for photography: There must be a separate, creative wall for photography. You do not want to mess your Instagram page with bad photographs, make sure to design a wall that’ll make a beautiful background for photography. You can also take idea from branding on wall in VLCC institutes, dedicated for clicking pictures and promoting the brand simultaneously.
  • So, there you have it, a perfect guide to all required infrastructural requirements, so go ahead and create a beautiful make-up space for yourself.