• As we all know the word ‘hyper’ means more, therefore the word hyperpigmentation associates with more of skin pigments that is Melanin Which gives natural color to skin and hair and eyes as well. But there is a concern related with this melanin it just cannot control it production by any means whenever it comes in exposure to sunlight. Well this is not only the cause of excessive production of melanin. Due to certain medications and internal bodily dysfunctions can also trigger the productivity of melanin.
  • Types of Hyperpigmentation

    Some common Causes of Hyper pigmentation

  • 1.Regular sun exposure with protection I.e. sun blocks or any SPF can initially cause tan which can convert into permanent Hyper pigmentation if not take any properly.
  • 2.Some drugs can also lead to hyper pigmentation like anti depressants drugs etc.
  • 3.Prolonged uses of contraceptives pills can also lead to some permanent Hyper pigmentation.
  • 4.Uses of wrong products or any unnecessary tropical creams and also lead to Hyper pigmentation.
  • Rescue Home Remedies

  • 1.Aloe Vera has been found to the best in hydrating skin as well as alone vera consist aloesin which inhibits the production of melanin.
  • 2.Regular use of SPF before moving out to sun exposure can stop excess melanin.
  • 3.Green tea is also a good source of reducing hyperpigmentation as it contains antioxidants Properties.
  • 4. Licorice also reduces hyperpigmentation,products containing licorice can be used in reduction of Hyperpigmentation.
  • Clinical Care for Hyperpigmentation

  • 1.Skin Polishing Treatments
  • 2Hydra Facial
  • 3.Laser
  • 4.Skin Peeling
  • With these treatments Hyperpigmentation can be reduce and replenish with new skin without pigmentation.