How Important is Removing Makeup?

  • We all know that healthy skin is the cherry on Cake when it comes to flawless makeup. Makeup can create its magic more powerfully, when skin is healthy. Before starting any makeup, we always clean our face, tone and hydrate it. But very often it is seen that many of us are very regular with the CTM before. Applying makeup. Yet, it has been observed that people don’t give keen. Importance to removing makeup properly and cleaning the face after makeup. Makeup removal should be equally a part of our skin care routine. As the color cosmetics, oil, impuritiesget accumulated on the skin surface. It can Cause irritation to the skin. Foster bacterial growth and moreover make the skin Unhealthy. Not cleaning makeup can lead to breakouts, irritation, aging/ wrinkling of skin.
  • Steps to remove makeup

  • Firstly, we should take some baby oil and remove the eye makeup. If required we can use Q-Tip for cleaning the water line.
  • Then we should use baby oil, put it on a wet wipe and keep it upon the lips and then slowly emulsify and remove the lipstick.
  • Then we should clean the face using a cleanser
  • Toning maintains the PH balance of the skin and also removes the residue left behind.
  • A moisturizer should be applied in upward strokes and also around the eyes in circulation motion.
  • Last but not the least; don’t forget to hydrate your lips.