• Foundations also known as (BASE) in professional makeup.
  • It comes in different shades according to different skin complexions of a person. A foundation gives the skin an even skin tone and hides different skin flaws of a person. Foundations are also applied to the body which is known as (body painting or body makeup). In Greek women applied white lead powder or chalk as foundation to lighten their skin.
  • 1.Liquid foundation

  • It is a most popular type of foundation because it is light weighted and easy to apply on the face. Oil-based liquid foundations are ideal for dry skin type. Water –based liquid foundations are ideal for oily and moderate skin conditions.
  • 2.Cream foundation

  • It has a thicker and heavier texture than the liquid foundation and is long lasting. It is available in compact and tube gives a very good coverage to the skin by hiding different problems of the skin cream foundations are also used as is ideal for excess of dry skin type.
  • 3.Cake or Stick foundation

  • These foundations comes in solid form, it dries quickly and has a long-lasting effect on skin. It is ideal for oily skin the formula helps in drying the oil and gives the skin an even tone. It is great for covering blemishes.
  • 4.Mineral foundation

  • Mineral foundations are made from finely ground earthy minerals; it is a natural substitute which is suitable for all type of skin. These foundations have a luminous finish due to its light pigmented formulation.