• While doing makeup its very necessary to know your face shape .This will help us to choose hairstyle and create makeup look.
  • So let’s learn about different face shapes.
  • 1.OVAL FACE SHAPE – This face shape is considered as perfect face shape ,this kind of face have the proper symmetry, all kind of face aim to be oval shape, people having oval shape does not need contour or any correction.
  • 2.SQUARE FACE SHAPE – This face shape almost have a manly appeal to it, mostly this face shape will have a strong jaw line and a broader forehead, so while doing this face we need to be very careful to contour the jaw line and the temples of the face with a darker shade than foundation , even while applying blush we need to apply that in a triangle shape and blending towards forehead.
  • 3. ROUND FACE SHAPE – This face shape is very common to indentify, length is approx equal to width for this face, and they will have a roundish look in their face with rounded chin. So while doing makeup to this face we need to contour plus highlight, will do contour for chin, jaw line, under the cheeks to give the face more definition. And we need to highlight opposite area of contouring.
  • 4. DIAMOND FACE SHAPE – We can identify by seeing wide cheekbones& narrow fore head, with a pointy chin and thin face, mostly celebrities like Madonna & Jennifer Lopez have Diamond face shape. While correcting the face we have to do shading edges of the face and do highlight with a lighter color to draw attention to the center of the face.
  • 5. PEAR SHAPE FACE – With a narrow forehead and a broader jaw line and chin we can indentify pear shape face ,this face have a pear like shape, while correcting this face we need to focus on highlighting the forehead and minimizing the jaw line by doing contouring with a darker shade.
  • 6. OBLONG FACE SHAPE – A little longer than wide, this face shape will have straight cheek line and a sharp cheekbone with big fore head, very important while correcting this face we need to reduce the length of this face, with a darker shade of foundation contour the top forehead and the chin, with a bright blush draw the attention away from that extra length of the face.
  • 7. HEART SHAPE – forehead is the widest part of the face and chin is pointy. To reduce the wide forehead we need to contour the sides of the forehead and to the tip of the chin to make it look less pointy, with a lighter color base highlight the upper cheekbone and the center of the face.