Different Powders

  • While working with different types of foundation, we need to know that to set that foundation we need different types of powder to go with them so let’s know about some of them!!
  • These kinds of powder will be in loose granules, as per the name, but they do not have any specific colours. These powders are colours less so they can be applied on any coloured skin, mostly be used on cream base foundation.

  • These powders are also in loose form but they do have colour payoff, they can come in colours like white, yellow, pink, brown etc so they can adapt the skin colour and gives enhanced look to the skin. We can use these powders with cream base and also can be used for baking and sandbagging as well.

  • These types of powders are will be in cake form, and mostly use to hold the sweat and oil for longer time and gives a matt and fresh look to the skin.