Corrective Makeup

  • We all love to look beautiful with flawless skin. Women feel confident if she is looking beautiful this is the reason we all love makeup. Makeup helps us to hide our skin problems and enhance our facial features. Many of us have a lot of skin problems like acne, scars, blemishes, pigmentation, covering us imperfections of skin with precision and a lot of blending techniques is known as corrective makeup.
  • Corrective makeup is a technique that covers our skin imperfections and uses light and dark shades for better contouring our face structure. Corrective makeup helps us to enhance our facial features and balances our face by providing corrections to our face.
  • In corrective makeup we use dark and light shades to show the depthless and sharpness to our face. Dark colors always appear deeper and far away whereas light color always appears more enhanced and closer. By using dark and light shades we can create a perfect illusion of shape. Contouring always creates a shadow which helps to show depthless at certain areas.
  • Contouring cheekbones, jaw lines will provide an illusion of a slimmer facial structure and highlighting the T-Zone of the face helps to attract the attention of everyone. We use neutralizers and concealer to cover problems like acne marks, pigmentation, dark circles, tanning and after covering all our skin problems we work with lighter and darker shades of foundation to give the face desirable corrections. Sharp nose and bendable contouring will give you a more realistic look.
  • Corrective makeup is not a theme based makeup that you can carry only on some special occasions; we can carry the corrective makeup anywhere we want. The model can carry corrective makeup with a nude look or a heavy eye makeup; it is completely your choice what kind of eye makeup you would love to carry. Makeup plays a very important part in women’s life and so it is also important for you to know its uses for better results.