• Body art makeup means creating different designs, images, etc. on the body using various different colours, glitters and other decorative material. Knowing how to do body art other than beauty makeup adds a lot of value to any makeup artist’s resume and reputation in the industry.
  • Now body art is not an easy skill to master, it requires a lot of creativity, practice and patience. Artists who are pro at body art have had years and years of experience before making it big in the industry.
  • Artists like Tegan Taylor, Gunter Brus etc. are some renowned names when it comes to creating artistic looks for movies like Avatar and many more.
  • Learning body art makeup also opens up potential for new opportunities like:

  • Some of the biggest magazines and promotional campaigns go for creative looks to attract their target audience’s attention and to stand out. Now if you are an MUA who’s good at creating, you can get number of such opportunities and make a name for yourself.

  • In times like these where every other movie is about aliens, superheroes, etc. Body art MUAs are in for a number of amazing opportunities that can really help shoot their carrier.
  • So, if you’re an artist good at art and creating extravagant looks, who must polish that skill and become a Body art MUA.