Blusher Vs Bronzer

  • In the world of cosmetics with such a wide variety of products. It is necessary to learn about the product and its purpose to keep away from confusion. Two such often mixed up and getting confused over products are blusher & bronzer.
  • So, here is a glimpse to enlighten your path of using right product to design the right look.
  • Blusher

  • Blusher is used for tinting the cheeks. In ancient time people used rouge to color their cheeks. Nowadays we have a wide cache of blusher to choose from. Blushers can be used in pink, peach, red, orange, plum & brown shades depending upon the skin complexion to give a natural blushing effect.
  • Bronzer

  • For people who love sun kissed / tanned skin, this product serves as the best gift from the cosmetic industry. Bronzers are used all over the face / body to resemble a healthy sun touched skin. Bronzers should be used one or two shade darker than the skin tone. Bronzer also works as a contour powder/ can be used as a blusher for dark complexion. It gives a youthful healthy glowing appearance to you timeless beauties! Hope now you can differentiate between the products and make the correct use of it.