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All About Airbrush Makeup

A makeup application technique which is normally known to be worn for celebrities may be right for you. Let’s find out.

How is the application?

Knowing your face shape, i.e. round, oval, heart or square, helps you understanding what suites you the best when it comes to hairdressing, makeup or accessories. What we mean to say is, we can help you get a flattering haircut, natural-looking fillers, and you could sculpt your face better with your favorite contouring kit according to your face shape.

It really feels weightless on the skin. Numerous customers comment that it feels like they aren’t wearing any cosmetics. This makes it an awesome alternative for the individuals who don’t ordinarily wear cosmetics.

Can you apply regular foundation through an airbrush?

No. If you somehow happened to put conventional fluid cosmetics into an airbrush, it would be excessively thick to sustain through the gun. There are special airbrush cosmetics available. They are essentially more slender and more watery in appearance.

How is it compared to traditional make up?

The application is very fine and the coverage is something you would notice when you apply more layers. Taking care of color pigmentation and dark circles should be done before airbrush

Does it last long enough?

Silicon based airbrush lasts longer than water based makeup. As water or alcohol based makeup does not last well in humidity, tears and sweat


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