Paneer Tofu

Paneer & Tofu both are rich in proteins but consist of different nutritional values. Making a choice between them is not easy for people who are counting calories and are maintaining their diet. To make things more clear let’s understand the difference between them.

Paneer is made of full cream dairy milk, while tofu is made of soybean milk. 100 grams of paneer has 18.3 grams of protein while the same amount of tofu has only 6.9 grams of protein. But due to high amount of fat in paneer, tofu is a better alternative for people aiming to lose weight. But if you want to have a high calorie meal with more flavors than Paneer is the right option for you.

One may wonder why Tofu is becoming a popular food? Tofu is a full meal with less number of calories for the amount of Calcium & Protein that is present in Tofu. It is also suitable for lactose intolerant people as it helps in fulfilling their calcium requirement without the digestive complications and allergic reactions. Tofu is a vitamin B1 rich product made up of 100% vegan derivatives. It also has 0 cholesterol, and can supplement as a healthier alternative than paneer.


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