Why are Hair extension services sopopular? The answer is pretty obvious: people choose extensions to make their hair longer than it actually is; and in a world where people no longer want to wait for hair to grow,it provides a relatively quick,temporary solution to their needs. There is huge range of hair extensions available in the market. Clip-on hair extensions are best for self use. You need to check the hair’s strength and elasticity to make sure that the added weight to the hair does not create any pressure which could cause damage or breakage.

Steps for adding clip-on extensions

  • Starting at the lower nape; section off the hair into neat areas, securing the lengths out of the way.
  • Backcomb the section near the root to provide an area for the clip-on extension to bond to.Apply a little hairspray to help fix the hair.
  • Select your extension,making sure that the hair is free from tangles and that the snap-in clips are open and ready to use.
  • Clip-on the extension along the weft and into the backcombed section of hair. Snap the clips closed to lock into place.
  • Follow the above steps around the head until you reach a point near the temple area.
  • Drop the upper section over the extensions and style to create the finished effect.


  • Very easy & quick to apply.
  • Colours don’t fade.
  • Can be shaped & cut easily to suit or achieve the desired effect.
  • Bulk up fine hair, or hair that lacks volume.
  • Can be removed at home.


  • Needs careful handling.
  • Needs to be brushed regularly.
  • Can cause traction alopecia if incorrectly applied.