• While doing makeup as a makeup artist we need to understand the exact undertone of the client and do makeup which will enhance their tone, we can say undertone means a colour reflection to our face, doing wrong undertone makeup can give a grey look to the face.
  • To understand under tone we can take a help of our vain colour, like if you see blue veins then they have pink undertone and if you see green vain then a yellow under tone skin .
  • Yellow undertone

  • Mostly the bright face and which have a healthy bright look to the face, we Indians have a yellow under tones, which helps us to carry colors like gold, orange etc, we always should use yellow undertone foundation to this face and always go for warm colors for the yes and lips.
  • Pink under tones

  • When we see a face with a pink fleshy look and which gets a redness easily, we cant use yellow undertone foundation, so we always have to look for pink or peach foundations, cool coloues look best on this kind of skin tones, we can see hill areas people they have this kind of pink skin under tones, even European country mostly they have pink under tone.


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