• Although, yellow is the natural, healthy colour of the teeth, they can be a little embarrassing to see in photos. They can put a limitation to your makeup look. We all know that not all lipsticks are made the same and thatcan impact the colour that your teeth appear to be. But luckily there are a few lipstick tricks that can make your teeth appear pearly white.
  • Blue-based Red

  • A red lipstick will instantly make your teeth look white. But make sure to pick a blue-based red instead of an orange-based red.
  • Shades of Berries and Plums

  • To avoid making your teeth look yellow, you can go for shades with cool undertone rather than warm tone. As cool undertone will counteract to the yellowness in your teeth.
  • Cool-toned Pinks

  • If you aren’t a big fan of sporting dark lip colours, you can go for lighter shades with a cool undertone like raspberry or fuchsia.
  • Brown Lip Colours

  • If you’re a sucker for brown lip shades, you may want to be a little careful while selecting a brown shade for yourself. Brown lip colour will often bring out the yellowness in your teeth, making it look more yellow. But if brown is something that you really want, get a shade in cool undertone.