Blush it up

    What is blusher?

  • Blusher is used for adding color to the cheeks. Rouge was used to stain the cheeks in the ancient times. It is available in different shades & forms to choose the best keeping in mind the requirement of your skin.
  • What is blusher used for?

  • As already discussed above, who doesn’t like to flaunt a healthy blushing skin? Due to pollution & so much of sun exposure. Our skin often fails to meet up our expectation of blushing skin. So this is why Blushers have come to our rescue.
  • Types of blusher

    1. Powder Blush

  • The most commonly used is the powder blusher available in various colors and palettes. It is applied with the help of a blusher brush. It is most suitable for oily skin people as it is long-lasting and because of its powdery texture.
  • 2. Cream Blush

  • It is most suitable for dehydrated skin as along with adding color to the cheeks it also moisturizes the skin making it appear healthy. It can also be applied with the help of fingers. If you don’t have a suitable brush.
  • Some more Blushers have crawled into the market and are being experimented by people which includes – water based cheek tint, liquid blush & stick blush.

  • How to apply blusher as per face shape?

  • 1.-First we should analyze the face shape and skin type so as to select the correct form of blusher. Take the suitable shade as per your complexion and the look you want to portray.
  • 2.-Then apply the blusher in the direction presented in the image below.