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Why VLCC should be your only choice for skill development?

June 09, 2020

VLCC, an exceptional organisation founded by Mrs. Vandana Luthra in the year, 1989. Since then there has been no turning back for the organisation, as it has always successfully served it customers and potential customers. This organisation has earned tremendous credibility and goodwill with its honest & professional way of working. Now, let’s enlighten ourselves …

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April 08, 2020

With the spread of Corona virus resulting in a pandemic situation across the globe, most of the organizations have started working from home on account of the lock-down in most of the countries. With this ongoing transition of work-from-home more and more organizations are providing connectivity from home and an increasing number of employees would …

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Quarantine and Health

April 03, 2020

How to stay active during quarantine As new COVID-19 cases continue to emerge in the world, most of the people around the globe are requested to stay at home in self-quarantine. Most of the countries are experiencing lockdown situation and only have access to life essential things. In this condition it is very difficult to …

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Will to Skill

March 08, 2017

VLCC Institute of Beauty & Nutrition, a VLCC group Initiative; started its operations in 2001 with the objective of meeting its group manpower requirements. Over last 17 years, it has emerged as the leader in Beauty & Wellness training. VLCC Institute offers latest courses backed with excellent infrastructure and quality faculty. Candidates are trained in …

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