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Dry Fruits , Nuts & Seeds

April 08, 2020

Do you know the difference between Dry Fruits and Nuts/Seeds ? “Dry Fruits are the fruits which have been dried of their water contents” so simple. Earlier I used to think that Almonds, Dates, Walnuts, Raisins, Cashew, Figs etc are all Dry fruits, but I was wrong. Most of us eat Cashews with Dates, and …

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Ways to enhance protein quality of diet

April 04, 2020

In today’s world, we all are struggling to stay fit, healthy and beautiful. We eat sufficient carbs and fat in our diet but somewhere our protein intake is adversely hampered due to our bad food choices and food habits. Protein in our diet is responsible for our body’s growth, muscle building, healthy hair and skin, …

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April 04, 2020

VITAMIN B12 an Epidemic In India – In India, most of us are vegetarians and even if we are animal food eaters, we do not eat it often enough. A very important nutrient needed to make blood and governs all neurological functions of the body, is derived from only animal sources. Hence important pointers to …

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Reasons to become a Nutritionist

February 18, 2020

Young minds are like birds; free birds. They love to fly. You can be anything you want in life, as you are a person of limitless possibilities. If you are someone who believes that Beauty is not just a word; it is a world within and hold the thoughts that one can shine bright with …

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