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April 08, 2020

CONDITIONING Deep conditioning with hot oil helps to restore moisture, which turn helps to control split ends. For healthier hair, regular deep condition it with moisturizing oil and natural hair mask. Step1 Slightly heat some olive oil or coconut oil or castor oil in a microwave for about 20 sec. Step2 Massage it into your …

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April 01, 2020

Hard water can damage your hair and the mineral heavy water can change how your hair products work too. With even regular water causing damage to your hair, here’s how to minimise the effects and the signs you should be looking out for. WHAT IS HARD WATER? 1.Hard water is water with a high mineral …

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Hair Care Alternative Products

March 31, 2020

Have you finished you hair care products?? As all, we know the current situation going on whole market is closed and you can’t go outside for purchase products. No worries we are here to guide you how to care your hair with some alternatives which you can easily get at home. SHAMPOOS #5 Natural Alternatives …

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ACV for Hair

March 30, 2020

Benefit of Apple Cider Vinegar Beautiful and shiny hair always leaves good impression which is why proper hair care is important. The artificial products we purchase from stores can cause irritation for some people because of the chemical found in it. We have lot of alternates to take care of our hair and one of …

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May 11, 2018

CHANGING TRENDS Changing hair color could be as subtle as couple of highlights or full hair coverage. In the past few years, rainbow colors have gained popularity. This year is more about techniques and exploring more hues. Balayage and Color Melting technique has gained popularity again. So, if you are a bold color enthusiast or …

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Blow drying you Hair – Remember these important 7 steps

March 16, 2018

Blow drying is the technique of drying and styling damp hair with the help of blow dryer. It helps to develop soft natural hair styles with free flowing effects. The style shape is only temporary – as the hair gradually absorbs moisture from the atmosphere it returns to its original state. Listed below are the …

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