Frequently Asked Questions

Spanning The Skill Gap

Edition : Mumbai
Date : 15 September 2015
Page No. : 18

Placement Data

Placement data Jalandhar under HSRT- FY 2014-15

Placement data Ludhiana under HSRT- FY 2014-15

Placement data Phagwara under HSRT- FY 2014-15 (A)

Placement-data-Phagwara-under-HSRT-FY-2014-15 (B)



When will I get my certificate and what will it say?

The Diploma/Certificate is awarded to the student on completion of the course enrolled in. It will mention the name of the student, the course enrolled in and the duration of the course.

What kind of payment plans do you offer?

It’s best to speak with one of our admission¬†officers/administrators about the different financial aid programs which may be available to you. They will be glad to assist you.

When do you begin practical (hands on) training vs. lecture?

We incorporate both practical as well as lecture from the very first day of class. Approximately 80% of the hours of the course are concentrated on the practical study to prepare you for the beauty industry.