Founder’s Message

I tried, to bring back the hope in weary eyes, beauty in cynical faces, and a glow in jaded halos. It was almost a decade ago that I tread on the delicate terrain of others' dreams. I tried, in my own little way to usher in the mantra of look good, feel great. Nothing gave me a bigger high than to see the glow on a patron's face who, a couple of months ago came to me dejected, dismayed and with zero confidence. My dedicated team went to task, resculpted the persona and today the same life has an attitude and is all set to go out, be with friends, experiment with life, wear clothes that accentuate the body beautiful and face life with a whole new energy. A new karma.

And it is with wings set to fly that I have set up this institution. The idea is to see the same glow, the same positivity.

I welcome you to VLCC Institute of Beauty, Health and Management with a humble hope that we can once again bring back smiles as we have done in the past with other VLCC endeavors.

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